command line tool to keep track of tv shows episodes

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What is it?

Tvcmd is a command line interface (CLI) to keep track of tv shows episodes. It has a functionality similar to websites such as or but for the command line. Tvcmd features the following commands:

  • update: updates the list of episodes from the configured source
  • new/adquire/see: change the state of episodes from new -> adquired -> seen
  • ls: shows the current state of episodes, can be filtered by status
  • format: pretty print the list of new episodes, useful to automatically find torrents
  • save: saves the episode list and their state



archlinux users can easily install the packages: tvcmd or tvcmd-git both available at the aur


run the script included in the bundles:

$ ./ 

Configure and Run

configuration file

the main configuration is located here: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/tvcmd/main.cfg create this file with a list of the shows you want to keep track of, something like this:

shows = an_idiot_abroad, how_i_met_your_mother, through_the_wormhole, community
source = thetvdb
formats =${show+}+s${season}e${episode},${show+}+s${season}e${episode}.html

shell mode

tvcmd is a shell-like command interpreter, the shell can be brought up by running tvcmd with no parameters:

$ tvcmd 

command mode

optionally you can execute single commands with the -e parameter:

$ tvcmd -e "adquire lost.s01e*"